We deliver customized workshops to optimize cross-cultural communication and break down barriers among team members from different countries, disciplines and age groups by using our hands-on practical experience and time-tested methodologies.


Donna Denio


Donna is a communication specialist and passionate team-builder. As the business development director for an international design firm, she recruited, integrated and catalyzed joint venture and consortium partners to secure and execute major design commissions including a new Children’s Hospital in Israel and a new Brain and Cognitive Research Center at Brandeis University. Twelve years ago, Donna’s search for ways to optimize team performance connected her with the LEGO Serious Play methodology. She worked for many years with Robert Rasmussen, LEGO Group director of research and development and chief architect of LEGO Serious Play. Igniting the power of teams and teamwork continues to make her heart sing.

In addition to the United States, Donna has worked in the Philippines and Egypt so she loves to bring people from different cultures together. She is the 2013 recipient of the WTS Boston (Women’s Transportation Seminar) Diversity Leadership Award.

Donna holds an MBA from Northeastern University, studied architecture and interior design at the University of the Philippines, and completed training to become an Agile Coach.


Dieter Reuther


Rooted in years of experience in innovation and design, Dieter’s expertise lies in fostering inclusivity, igniting innovation, and building knowledge. His journey has been at the intersection of creative problem-solving and transformative thinking.

As a certified facilitator of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method, he has spent over a decade crafting immersive workshops that bridge the gap between ideas and action. The cornerstone of his workshops is the power of play and storytelling. Through these dynamic sessions, he guides organizations in crafting narratives that drive change.

With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Germany and an MBA with an emphasis on servant and ethical leadership from the USA, he has traversed the consulting and software industries, launched his own design firm, and served as the Director in Design Operations and Information Technology at Ziba, a global innovation and design consultancy in Portland, Oregon. Most recently he was VP of Brand and Creative at Piaggio Fast Forward, a robotics startup in Boston.

In his workshops every voice is heard, and every idea can flourish, laying the groundwork for transformation and for a journey of innovation, harnessing the collective brilliance of teams.


We lead custom designed team workshops to break down demographic, profession or culture based barriers and help team members communicate better. We believe in the potential of people and that everyone within an organization can contribute to discussions, solutions and outcomes.


The Lego® Serious Play® thinking, communication and problem solving technique unlocks the full potential of a team quickly, effectively, and deeply. The LEGO® bricks are used as a medium to build and to express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphors. The bricks also act as a mediator between participants, allowing people to overcome hierarchies and power games that often affect workshop-like activities and co-creation initiatives.


As workshop facilitators we work closely with you to define a problem to be solved during the workshop. A custom designed session will include several “challenges” that need to be solved by the participants. The hands-on building will involve areas of the brain that are not used in typical brainstorms or meetings. It will be fun for every participant, improve team dynamics and generate creative and innovative results.

How LEGO Bricks Can Make You a Better Leader | O'Reilly Media | March 2016

How can the power of play inspire your teams and help you achieve creative and powerful business solutions in a rapidly changing world? In this report, you’ll explore Lego Serious Play, a proven tool for boosting both individual and team productivity. It may sound frivolous, but playing with Lego bricks is an incredibly fun, creative, and valuable way to develop a collective plan of action—whether it’s for problem solving, strategy development, ideation, relationship building, or goal-setting.

Through several examples, authors Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther explain how Lego Serious Play can expand your leadership ability and deliver predictable and consistently productive results. This leadership model teaches, inspires, and promotes full participation of team members—including people who seldom speak up. Companies such as Google, Daimler Chrysler, NASA, Tupperware, and Microsoft have all used this method.

Pick up a copy of this report, and discover how Lego Serious Play can help you and your team step off the treadmill and look at the big picture, together.



As a child you used to play with them. You used them to display your imagination. Build spaceships, castles, and race cars. Your mom hated them because they were everywhere. Your dog would eat them and your dad would step on them. But you started thinking in color, movements, and new possibilities.

As you grew older it lost its meaning. You had other interests and responsibilities. You had to grow up.

Do you ever wonder what if ...?

What if you could go back to building with LEGO bricks and build business solutions that work? Build teams that perform?