Team Dynamics Boston leads custom designed team workshops to break down demographic, profession or culture based barriers and help team members communicate better. We believe in the potential of people and that everyone within an organization can contribute to discussions, solutions and outcomes.


Break down Barriers
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The Lego® Serious Play® thinking, communication and problem solving technique unlocks the full potential of a team quickly, effectively, and deeply. The LEGO® bricks are used as a medium to build and to express complex ideas through storytelling and metaphors. The bricks also act as a mediator between participants, allowing people to overcome hierarchies and power games that often affect workshop-like activities and co-creation initiatives.

As workshop facilitators we work closely with you to define a problem to be solved during the workshop. A custom designed session will include several “challenges” that need to be solved by the participants. The hands-on building will involve areas of the brain that are not used in typical brainstorms or meetings. It will be fun for every participant, improve team dynamics and generate creative and innovative results.


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The Smith College Engineering department recently invited Team Dynamics Boston to lead a Lego Serious Play workshop for the Design Clinic, a two-semester capstone course for senior engineering majors, in which students collaborate in teams on real-world projects. Medtronic, Stantec and Under Armour are among the industry sponsors of this year’s clinic.

The Lego Serious Play workshop provided a creative departure from typical classroom work and helped the future engineers dive deep into the complexities of team dynamics.


Susannah Howe, director of the clinic, commented: “These students have participated in teamwork discussions before, but the use of Legos added a twist to the conversation, surfacing some ideas that students hadn’t previously expressed.”

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In collaboration with O’Reilly Media, Lego Serious Play facilitators Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther crafted a booklet “Build to Lead” to address the potential of harnessing the power of play in the workplace. They explore the future of work and how a play-based approach and especially the Lego Serious Play facilitation methodology will level the playing field and foster collaboration. According to a recent Microsoft survey collaboration is the number one factor Millennials are looking for in the workplace.

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For many years Google’s top executives believed that building the best teams meant combining the best people. However, now we know that this will not necessarily make a team great. The collective intelligence of a team very much depends on its diversity and how well the team plays together. Communication is another essential factor. Google’s research uncovered that a very interesting insight into team dynamics:

“As long as everyone got a chance to talk, the team did well. But if only one person or a small group spoke all the time, the collective intelligence declined.”

Giving everyone on a team a chance to talk is at the core of Lego Serious Play, a facilitated team-thinking and problem-solving process; its etiquette requires equal participation by everyone in the group or team.

Managing culturally diverse teams requires the same skills as managing teams in general, but there are some things that need extra attention.

We use the tried-and-true Lego Serious Play process to harness the power of play and ignite the power of teams.

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On March 28, 2016 Team Dynamics Boston will lead a session “Build to Lead – Solve leadership challenges using the LEGO® Serious Play® Methodology.”

How can you play well as a leader, manage the challenges of diversity and complexity, and energize and inspire your team in a collaborative world?

Dieter Reuther and Donna Denio demonstrate a universal language that helps you maneuver through complex leadership challenges. Building on a business case study, Dieter and Donna guide participants through the Lego Serious Play methodology to explain how to break down situations into simple and easy-to-understand three-dimensional metaphorical models. Lego bricks create a level playing field and act as a mediator between participants, allowing them to overcome hierarchies and create a dynamic and inclusive culture of shared understanding and values.

The Lego Serious Play process breaks down communication barriers that exist between diverse disciplines, teams, and ranks within an organization. Participants will learn to negotiate decisions and codesign ideas creatively, socially, and interactively.

Lego Serious Play, a three-dimensional thinking and communication process, helps teams gel. You take a group of individual “people silos” and weave them into a cohesive team.

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  1. 100 PERCENT PARTICIPATION GUARANTEED – The highly structured LSP process design guarantees that every person in the workshop participates equally.
  2. GIVES SHY PEOPLE CONFIDENCE – Having time to think during the building process, a model for reference, and a specific time to speak builds confidence.
  3. FRESH PERSPECTIVE GUARANTEED – The number of options and solutions generated and the fact that each model is an original expression (instead of building on an idea that has already been voiced) guarantees that fresh perspective emerge.
  4. GETS TO CORE BELIEFS AND VALUES – You learn everyone’s REAL fears, areas of disagreement, hopes and dreams (instead of the sanitized, politically correct business-speak or lips-sealed-shut silence we have come to accept).
  5. AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION (NO LIES) – It is difficult to misrepresent or inflate your reality when using LSP to express ideas.
  6. CREATES A COMMON LANGUAGE – Professional training and cultural norms inform each person’s verbal expression so words can mean different things to different people. Some words or phases are only understood by people with similar professional training. The LSP models each person builds creates a common language that can be seen, questioned and understood without challenging the model builder.
  7. CLARIFIES COMPLEXITY – The process supports creating a landscape which makes connections and relationships among and between components clear, concrete, and easy to understand.
  8. GROUP ALIGNMENT GUARANTEED – The highly structured LSP process in combination with skilled facilitation assures that every person’s core ideas, values and concerns are incorporated in the final solutions.
  9. MEMORABLE RESULTS – It has been said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Three-dimensional LSP models, stored in your memory as pictures of recognizable objects (such as a gear, globe or tiger) trigger access to the workshop’s key insights.
  10. SAVES TIME – In post workshop surveys and interviews, participants agree that LSP workshops accelerate trust and consensus building at two-to-three times the speed of other traditional methods for group decision-making or strategy development.

Author: Donna Denio

“If LEGO is about anything, it’s the use of one’s hands while the mind is in an unplugged state.”

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